Aisis Zane

Creative Researcher

Aisis Zane

Creative Researcher


I became a creative technologist to demonstrate the extent of technological uses to drive social impact in the grass root communities. My background is in biomedical research with a focus in "Emerging Infectious Diseases." I did land my dream job as a "Disease Investigator" for the state of Hawaii Department of Health. Unsatisfied with the use of technology in field-investigation. I left in search for innovation. I surveyed and explored communities to drive more expansive use of technology via workshops according to trends like social media activism, mobile filmmaking, creative programming, wearable-tech and now education on blockchain technology. My heart is in biotechnology and open exploration. Young fields are emerging such as biofields and bioelectricity due to the "Maker/DIY Culture" that brought presence via the extent of hardware and software use. Now, there is a driving force towards interfacing biology with hardware and software. Digital life and identity are becoming an accepted alternative reality--digital cash is a possible way of earning through analysis of cryptocurrency, smart contracts and proof of concepts. Education is needed to ensure the ideals of blockchain technology to be fully realized with trust, accountability, and transparency.


A new identity. While recovering from a burnout, I learned that I am a highly-sensitive person (HSP) with the oppositional high-sensation seeking trait.



The new reality and projects on energetic fields. New projects and new work. Artificial symptoms induced by direct energy weaponry. Neuroweaponry. Currently on Cyber Torture Intelligence.


I am back in graduate school working on a certification for Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) at University of Arizona. I am also working as an intern as a Behavior Analyst.
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I am a creative researcher that believes in exercising my humanity on the daily.

I am actively looking for new challenges

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